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HUPS Workshop on Lighting for Underwater Photography and Videography

Join us June 1, 1:30 PM - 3:30PM at Bayland Community Center!

Announcing a HUPS workshop following the Houston Underwater Film Festival! Last year, we followed up on the excitement the Houston Underwater Film Festival (HUFF) generated for underwater photography and videography with a workshop on fundamentals of capturing underwater video, graciously presented by HUPS VP and award-winning photographer and videographer, Dennis Deavenport. The attendance and enthusiasm was outstanding so HUPS again will take the opportunity to present a topic that is fundamental to successful underwater photography and videography. After the HUFF 2024 (April 6-7, MATCH Theater, Houston,, we take a short breather and follow up with a workshop on fundamentals of lighting for underwater photography and videography, June 1 at the Bayland Community Center, 1:30-3:30. Open to HUPS members and others interested in the topic. Organizer and presenter, David Lenderman and presenter Craig Beasley.
To attend in person or Zoom, please RSVP (affirmative only) here: